I need to set up a Javascript function that asks for strange string input (lots of capital and small letters), then takes this, corrects the typing, and returns the corrected value. Here's what I have so far:

PHP Code:
//in the <head>
var place
var capitalLetter
var smallLetters
function proper() {
place prompt("Please enter the name of a place. And type it all wonky (lots of capital letters).""Location Name.");
firstLetter place.substring(0,1);
theRest place.substring(1);
capitalLetter firstletter.toUpperCase();
smallLetters theRest.toLowerCase();

//in the <body>
document.write("<p>You entered: " place +". Which I corrected to: " capitalLetter smallLetters ".</p>"); 
But, as it stands, the function runs, it asks for the text, and then nothing. What am I doing wrong?