I am working on a project that has been passed onto me and I need a bit of help/guidance.

A script has been written that returns the values from a database into an array. There are multiple drop down menus. The values returned can be viewed in the browser web console. The format looks like this:

Values: ["rb1”,”dropdown1,”Value1”] 
Values: ["rb2”,”dropdown2”,”Value1","Value2","Value3”] 
Values: ["rb3”,”dropdown3”,”Value1","","Value2”]
Values: ["rb4”,”dropdown4”,”Value1","Value2","Value3”]
These values needs to go in its own drop down menus (4 drop down menus)

HTML Code:
 <select id="dropdown1" name="dropdown1">
       <option value=""> dropdown1 </option>

 <select id="dropdown2" name="dropdown2">
       <option value=""> dropdown2 </option>
Can anyone help me?