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Thread: How Can I solve the problem

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    How Can I solve the problem

    I use windows 7, Internet connection is broadband. I installed XAMPP then I cannot access internet. I again reinsatll window7 and then WAMP same problem happens. Again My net connection off. What should I do?

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    Ask the question in the proper forum? This is software, not hardware

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    I have installed Wamp on a range of Windows versions, including 7, without any problems. So I have no idea what is causing this behavior. As this is happening with XAMPP and Wamp, I would hazard a guess that neither of them are specifically at fault. What firewall/malware protection are you using? Do you have other software installed that may affect the firewall or internet access?

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    How much troubleshooting have you done in the way of checking XAMPP/WAMP? For instance, have you simply uninstalled the server to see if it restored your internet connection? Or have you tried disabling the server services in XAMPP/WAMP to see if that made any difference? Or did this really require a full OS reinstall?

    While it would be odd for this to be true of the default settings, it could be how you have the server configured that could be conflicting/interfering with your PC's internet connection.

    There's also fancy command line stuff you can do like 'netstat' to try and see exactly what is going on with your internet connection. You'll need someone else to go into more detail on something like this as I'm not familiar with it.
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    Are you using a router ??

    If so you need open these ports that XAMPP is using and forward em to your server, it can also be your provider there is blocking your access.

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