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Thread: sitemap in XML or HTML format

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    sitemap in XML or HTML format

    Hey guys,
    After reading about sitemap submission, i have one doubt there. Which type of sitemap format need on site? XML or HTML? and which type of title and description write while submission.
    plz guide me.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Both XML and HTML

    XML for webmaster tools and HTML for users.

    No need title for submission in webmaster just insert it.

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    Xml will be easy as you can generate them from website.

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    There is little point submitting sitemaps unless:

    a) There are some parts of your site that you want including but a bot is likely to miss (i.e. they are not directly or indirectly linked to the landing page of the site).

    b) You want to give the relative priorities of the web pages, to influence what ls listed in search results.

    Scenario a) is somewhat unlikely (why would you hide pages if you wanted them to be publicly accessible?). Scenario b) is the usual reason for submitting site maps, but requires you to manually amend, and maintain, the site maps. So just creating an automated site map and uploading it is a waste of time.

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    xml format.. is this for google sitemap or something?

    The specifics of the xml depend on what you need it for; different parsers may expect slightly different structure/syntax.

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