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Thread: opendir() Resource id #3 error

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    opendir() Resource id #3 error


    My code is

    $path = "../Data/01_OPL-277/02_SEISMIC DATA/01_2D SEISMIC/01_OLD 2D/01_2D NAVIGATION DATA/";
    $dir_handle = opendir($path) or die("Error");

    The result I get is "Error". I have other files with the opendir() function but they work. When I tried to echo the result of $path with the code:

    $path = "../Data/01_OPL-277/02_SEISMIC DATA/01_2D SEISMIC/01_OLD 2D/01_2D NAVIGATION DATA/";
    $dir_handle = opendir($path);
    echo $dir_handle;

    I get the result "Resource id #3".
    Does anyone know what that means?

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    That function returns a resource. That is why you get the message you got. What did you expect?

    You can find out more about the opendir function in the php manual. THE place to go with these kinds of questions in the first place.

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