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Thread: "go home" shown where title should be

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    Question "go home" shown where title should be

    Where the title should appear when doing a Google search for Pekelos books, the words "go home" appear.
    The line of cod reads:<title>Pekelosbooks.com - Home Page</title>

    The link to the google page: https://www.google.com/#q=pekelos+books

    Any comments?

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    I can't really tell you why, but it looks like Google is using the alt text from your homepage navigation image. It also seems to get the description from a <td> tag in your body so I guess it's crawling algorithm is just trying to be too smart for its own good.

    Perhaps you could try using the <meta> title (and description if you'd like) tags. You could also update the alt text for your home image to better ensure Google gets the proper title in the search results.
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    There is a stray </div> at the end of the HTML, but I'd be very surprised if that's the problem. Google has been substituting it's own page titles for a while now, and people have reported some odd results - just never anything like this.

    Anyway, a <meta> title tag won't do anything because Google doesn't read them. Only <title> tags count. While it's not likely to fix the title problem, having a <meta> description is always best practice because both Google and Bing will display that text if it's relevant to the user's query - which gives you a better change of enticing a click! Good luck!
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    Do google bookmark on it then it should crwaled

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