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Thread: Mootools conflict with Google Map V3

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    Mootools conflict with Google Map V3

    Hi I have a website that uses mootools for some feature. I am also using jquery and google map in a hidden tab. Everything works find in PC and Mac computer but I am having problem when using iPad. For some reason, when the map hidden tab is clicked on all my other links, tabs, button is not clickable anymore (only on iPad). I think it is problem with my mootools because if I delete the mootools the problem disappeared. I am using mootools for imagemenu and multibox in phatfusion. I need to fix this urgerntly. Any help will be appreciated.

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    I think the "initialize: function(className, options){this.setOptions(this.getOptions(), options);" in the multibox and overlay is conflicting with the google map. Script is too long it won't let me post here so here is the link to the phatfusion multibox. https://github.com/samuelbirch/MultiBox. Any help is great. thx.

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