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Thread: Can i know if an url is present inside the browser history?

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    Question Can i know if an url is present inside the browser history?

    I know that HTML5 have introduced the history API, and infact i'm using it for push states inside urls and memorize it into the history.

    I need that for this purpose: i've created a page for personal purpose that performs a scan to a webstore for keep trace of prices, and print results inside mine.
    I need to know if from my last visit some prices are changed, and for do this i memorize my last visioned product/price couples as url inside the history

    something like www.domain.com/index.php?producName=somename&price=someprice

    Nextime i load the page, i need to know if a certain url (www.domain.com/index.php?producName=somename&price=someprice) is present or not inside history, if yes, assign the "visited" value withint the class parameter of the element, if not, i will do other things.

    Anyway, in few words, i need to read in some way the browser history, or i can't proceed with my idea.

    PS: yes, i know that i could memorize this type inormation inside a file in server side scripting, instead of use history, but for the moment i've designed the project for work essentially client side.
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