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Thread: ipad struggles

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    ipad struggles

    Hello everyone,

    So i rcently started developign with wordpress but i am walking in some bugs especially on the ipad.

    The biggest problem i have right now is that on the ipad the backgrounds are doing weird. Like sometimes a random white stroke appears on top, bottom and a really big one in the middle. also on some pages the page is to long.

    my website link: studionoordervorm.nl

    please help me,


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    Well, your page is currently throwing a PHP error, so I assume you're in there playing with it

    But, from what I'm seeing and what you've said, you've got some flawed thinking and methodologies, the biggest of which is that massive background image that has no business on a website in the first place. There's a reason you don't see REAL websites like Google, Amazon, e-bay, Facebook, etc, playing these types of silly PSD jockey games. Images that large are fat, slow, and by themselves many times larger than your entire page template of HTML+CSS+IMAGES+SCRIPTS even should be.

    Making a responsive layout on turdpress is indeed a struggle, as it basically doesn't want you to with the gibberish, incomplete and completely wasteful mess they have the giant set of brass to call markup. I mean, anyone who doesn't cringe in terror at code like this:

    <nav id="smartia-main-menu">
    		<div class="menu-menu-1-container"><ul id="menu-menu-1" class="menu"><li id="menu-item-69" class="menu-item menu-item-type-custom menu-item-object-custom current-menu-item current_page_item menu-item-home menu-item-69">
    Probably has no business building websites, what with the NAV tag for nothing (not a HTML 5 fan), CENTER tag that has no business in any code written after 1997, and endless pointless idiotic classes for nothing. Hence why something like that SHOULD BE

    <ul id="mainMenu">
    But don't try to convince turdpress developers of that.

    Though that's really not where what's REALLY going to fight you is... Responsive layout is just the next logical step in accessible design; Semanitc markup, semi-fluid layout, dynamic fonts and elastic layout being the stepping stones you should be going across before even thinking about it... but with endless DIV for nothing, classes for nothing, gibberish use of numbered heading tags, tags we were told over a decade and a half ago to stop using, static style in the markup, comment placements that could be tripping rendering bugs in certain versions of FF and IE (yes, I said COMMENTS - crazy I know.. but I did say IE, right?), spacing DIV doing margin or padding's job... Even the currently broken page is wasting 7.5k of markup on 256 bytes of content -- easily two or more times what should be there.

    ... and that's before even talking the mess of jQuery based scripttardery you are likely to come into conflict with at every step of building your media queries.

    But my little bit of ranting aside, you really seem to have a background image that has no business on a website in the first place if you care about accessibility or making a responsive layout; that's your big problem.

    Sorry if that seems harsh, but the truth often is. Again, there's a reason you don't see that type of thing on "real" websites, as it's more the type of thing you find on PSD Jockey "designer" sites where they try to use their 'flash over substance' bull to try and scam people who don't know any better into being "serviced" by them.

    ... and when I say serviced, I mean in the same way as a donkey at a bachelor party.

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    okay i got yout point but what if my customer would want images that big? they don't care about the load time the only problem is it bugs on the ipad which sucks and i just need that fixed so could you tell me where the problem is?
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