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Thread: Server Time vs Local Time

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    Server Time vs Local Time

    This example gives the closest server time that you are using:

    var serverTime = new Date();
    var hours = serverTime.getHours();

    I need the local computer time for Timezone calculations:

    var localTime = ?;
    var hours = localTime.getHours();
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    I don't think javascript can get server times. It's a client-side langauge and can only read the user's local time (based on their PC's clock. If their PC clock is wrong so will the javascript time).
    The Date() function always creates a date object based on the user's local computer time.
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    You might want to check this link.


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    The Date() object relies on the user's computer clock, not the server. So you have the local computer time and you can check getGMTOffset or getTimezoneOffset as needed for any conversions.
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