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    Expiring Date


    This is my first post.

    It was decided to try and create web pages with an expiring date. The idea is when a web page has been up for a year, the unit that is responsible for the content of that web page will receive a notice that this web page has been up for a year and to please and check if the information is still valid. They have a chance to view the content and decide if the page can stay for another year or whatever is decided. So I created a meta tag with the expiring date. I have a simple script to check for the expiring date.

    Each time the page is loaded onto a browser the script runs and sends an email each time. No one wants to get all these email. I need the email sent only once to the team responsible for the content and to our team. I would like to it to run once a day for three days.
    Any suggestion would greatly appreciated, thanks for your help.


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    Why not have a control person in your IT unit that logs each page/script into a db and records the last time that updates were made. Then you monitor that db to check what scripts are coming up on a predetermined time-elapsed value and print a report.

    This avoids the emails, the effort to place some new logic into existing code, and allows for a single control point as well as variable expire dates should that be necessary.

    Sample table:
    script name
    date created
    date last updated
    (a value that represents the lifetime of this script before it requires review)
    responsible unit (?)

    Then you have a cron task that queries this table looking for any records that the date last update + the time value that calculates out to an upcoming expiration that is within your desired window.

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    My apologies for not replying sooner, away on personal business.

    Thanks very much for your help it is much appreciated.

    It would be nice to do things using a database, but, the IT people wont allow us, because of security reasons.

    I know I know!!

    I was wondering if I can use session to accomplish what I need I do.

    I tried a few script using session but so far no results.

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