Hi all,

I'm new here and I really like this forum.
4 Years ago I started working with html and css, in my spare time, in addition to my schoolwork.
So I couldn't spend much time on it.

Since then I've been learning more and more, with my own website as a result.
I use it in order to make websites for other people.

I used Bootstrap to make my wesbite.
It's a responsive platform so I could try out things in repsonsive design.

I made the contact form with a little bit PHP and the rest of the website with html and css(3).

At the moment I work on a Wordpress theme, designed for my website.

Yet I would really like to learn your oppinion about it, and any tips or advise are weclome.

P.S. : I'm Dutch so my wesbite is also Dutch.
My website is http://webdesignwiljan.nl/

I hope you like it.