Hi all,

First of all, many thanks for viewing this thread. We're after a review on our price comparison website as it currently stands.

This website is a price comparison website which allows customers to find companies within their local area who supply their chosen vinyl products (out of the 12 searchable products including vehicle window tint, headlight tint, vehicle signage etc) Once chosen, they simply enter their postcode and select the area zone in which they'd like to search within (such as 10, 20 miles..etc)

Once searched, the customer will be able to view the most suited companies that are willing to install their product and compare their location and prices.

Once the company has been selected, the customer can then move on to view additional products, prices, contact details, opening hours etc.

We allow the customer to make a search within seconds that would usually eat up alot of time searching through search engines, contacting companies for prices etc.

There's still work to do on the website as a whole - such as text especially on the homepage where the opening two sentences as well as green tick points need to be completed. We will require some help and advice regarding what is best to say here so if anyones interested, please contact me us.

Below are the details for the test login to view our website as it sits.


All input and advice will be much appreciated.

Many thanks,