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    Question Local embed path for export

    I'm currently working on a scraper that exports to a disk. The site has videos on it that play in a lightbox with mediaelementplayer. I'm defaulting everything to flash, because for some reason the auto HTML5 detection isn't working properly.

    Anyway, I've got the export down, but when I go to try and play the video, I keep getting errors from my Network console that the .swf file can't be found. The files are being converted to a "file:///C:/..." through the javascript, and when navigate to the swf through my browser, I can see that it exists.

    Is there something going on with the <embed> tag that I'm not aware of when it comes to running flash files locally?
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    check out your code again and check the line where you have added the extensions. It might be the problem that you didn't add the .swf extension for video. Also check the path from where your video is playing. Ti play video you will check the extension like mp4,flv, swf etc. so you also need to add the .swf in your code.

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