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Thread: Ajax + Jquery +PHP !!!

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    Ajax + Jquery +PHP !!!

    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

    $("#username").change(function() {

    var username= $("#username").val();
    var email = $("#email").val();
    var dataString = "username ="+ username + "&email =" + email;
    type: "POST",
    url: "check.php",
    success: function(msg){
    if( msg =="ok")
    $("#userError").html('The username should have at least 4 characters.</font>');
    This is the code for validating only one input field.. i don't know how can i do for more than one input field
    because on success: function(msg) it retrieving what ever is echo on check.php....

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    can any one tell me how to get the response for two fields from server using ajax!

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