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Thread: Which platform to develop a MarketPlace website

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    Which platform to develop a MarketPlace website

    Hi all,

    I'm a designer and i'm starting to build a new website with a third-party developer. This website will be a Marketplace where users will be able to sale their stuffs to other users. Every users will need to be logged in to "Buy and download" or to "Upload and Sale". We would like to be able to select some contents, users to enhance it on the home page for instance...

    Some famous examples :

    I would like to know what is, in your opinion, the best platform to start this project ? Wordpress, Joomla ? an other one ? Which one is the more flexible ? The more secured to include payment process ? ect...

    Thanks you so much for your responses !
    If you need more details, please ask


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    Wordpress comparatively best option. I suggest you to go with it

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    As an avid wordpress user, I can definitely vouch that wordpress isn't the way to go, and as I've briefly touched Joomla, I knew the potential that Joomla can bring to you.

    However, your requirements seem more tailored towards a custom-made php based website, instead of a turnkey solution such as Joomla and Wordpress.

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    From my point of view you're looking to create an ecommerce site. For that purpose it would be better to try Magento. On the other hand you can do the same thing in WordPress, because it's currently the most liquid CMS in the web. Compared to Joomla you will have to take your time to do the same thing you require. Also WP has a very wide variety of compatible add-ons that always come in handy. Furthermore, Joomla's websites are stiff and not very appealing, at least to me. That doesn't mean you can achieve the same result, only difference is that it will take you more time than with WP.

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    You can get a marketplace up and running on your site using various full-featured marketplace software. You can choose from a very quick and dead-simple marketplace SaaS solution.

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    Wordpress is the best option for you and it will also give you lot of benefit.

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    Wordpress or Joomla both plate form you can use for them.

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    Well, great question.. It has many platforms for doing such a thing.
    But i always use Wordpress. S i suggest you to use it!

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