Hi developers,
I am having an issue with URL casing leading to 404 errors if it is not an exact match when typed-in.

I am trying to do a vanity URL system where I use dub-directories for my clients and their homepage is the index.html file - however, some clients have been preferring Capital Casing (e.g., example.com/ClientName/index.html ---> which loads ---> example.com/ClientName/) BUT when you try visiting example.com/clientname or any other combination example.com/CliEnTNaMe it leads to a 404 error.

I would like it so any casing combination of the URL that is typed-in will be handled how Twitter handles similar situations. E.g., If my twitter username is twitter.com/ExampleUsername and you type-in twitter.com/eXaMpLeUsernAme or any other casing combination - somehow Twitter always loads the users preferred casing, in this case/example twitter.com/ExampleUsername...

How can I accomplish this? Is is htaccess related? If any developer can help me - I would really appreciate it. Thank you!