Hi there,

I am looking to hire two web designers for front end and back end work immediately. I am building a new social media platform that will look similar to Facebook but will be a totally new concept. Must have experience and references. Please email me nathan@rippling.com for more details and to start a discussion on bringing you in to our exciting new start up company. You will be starting at the grassroots and will be working remotely and will be paid competitively based on your experience. I am the personal founder and will be financing this company on my own without any need to go to market for outside market money. You will be paid electronically in what ever currency and bank that you prefer but the corporation will be launched from our Head Office in New Zealand once we have it developed. I live in Dubai currently and we will be opening our corporate sales office and legal department there as well as a corporate Head office in Auckland, New Zealand once we launch in Q1 2016. The creative department will be based in Ubud, Bali. This is a new social media engineering tool and has received excellent social media feedback thus far and now the concept is ready to develop and I am looking for two quality individuals to join our team. You will be paid as per negotiated contracted. I am delighted to get a chance to read through your resumes and your cover letter so please don't hesitate to tell me about your self and what you are most proud of. I want to know what personal contribution that you would like to make in this world. I want to know how you plan on making that contribution and what steps that you have taken so far. I want to know how the world will be better for having you a part of it. I am offering you this opportunity now personally and will be offering a sign on bonus once hired instead of paying the fees to an international head hunter. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Nathan Sharkey
President and CEO
Rippling Corporation