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Thread: SEO Training or self education:

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    Question SEO Training or self education:

    What are your views about getting SEO Training? Will training make someone perfect seo expert or learning something itself will make a better seo expert? According to me learning new things online and also offline with yourself can make you a better seo expert. Are you agree to me or not?

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    yes i agree your post. SEO future is bright. It's related to the online internet marketing . seo is the different think it mean have passion. 2 types of seo such as :-
    1.ON page
    2. OFF page


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    Personally I would say self education. I am myself learning about SEO at the moment and I think the best route (for me at least) is to buy a book or two as a starting point, read about a particular practice and then give it a go, and possibly read more about it on the internet.

    Although this book: http://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Get-Top-...=top+of+google isn't very technical I would recommend it as a starting point - it's not very expensive either.


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    I personally don't believe in seo training because there no qualified seo professional who can train you. And for me seo is self learning process. You have to read blogs like SEL, SEJ, SEW etc.....

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    I agree with kaushalshah on this subject. SEO isn't an exact science. It's a constant battle on a daily basis and for someone to be telling me how to do proper SEO, it will sound absurd. There are some mandatory things, which one must know to at least call himself a SEO.

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