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Thread: Problem with preg_match_all

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    Problem with preg_match_all


    im having an issue with preg_match_all. I have this string:

    PHP Code:
    I need to get the numbers preceded by "ACTIVE-" but not by "CATEGORY-ACTIVE-", so in this case the result should be 6,9. I first used the statement below:

    PHP Code:
    However this will return all the numbers because all of them are in fact preceded by "ACTIVE-" but thats not what i meant because i need to leave out those preceded by "CATEGORY-ACTIVE-". Then i tried this:

    PHP Code:
    $act_cat str_replace($this_cat_act[1],"",$this_act[1]); 
    it kinda works, but i guess there is a better and cleaner way to do it. Besides the output is kinda weird too. How can i configure preg_match_all to do it? Or maybe there is some other function that can do the job?

    Thank you.

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    I think (but have not tested), using look-behind assertions (both negative and positive):
    PHP Code:
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