This is my XML file (sample):

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding="Windows-1252" standalone="yes"?>
<AuditFile xmlns="urn:OECD:StandardAuditFile-Tax:PT_1.03_01">
				<City>Praiso 1</City>
This is my PHP code, ...

PHP Code:
$xmlReader = new XMLReader();
$tag 'Customer';

$xmlReader->read()) {
    while (
$tag == $xmlReader->name) {
// since XMLReader doesn't really supply us with much of a usable
            // API, we can convert the current node to an instace of `SimpleXMLElement`
$elem = new \SimpleXMLElement($xmlReader->readOuterXML());
// now use SimpleXMLElement as you normally would.
foreach ($elem->children() as $child) {
$child->getName(). ': '$child;
                if (
$child->getName()=='CustomerID') {$id=$child;}
                if (
$child->getName()=='CompanyName') {$CN=$child;}
                if (
$child->getName()=='CustomerTaxID') {$CTID=$child;}
                if (

" -> ";

// CANOT BROWSE THIS TAG  ---- HELP!!! It only works up to here.

foreach ($BillingAddress->children() as $child2) {
                        if (
$child2->getName()=='AddressDetail') { echo $child2;}
" <- ";

Since the file is very big, I am using XMLREADER + SIMPLEXML to open the file and give me the output on screen.
A simple ECHO will do, since I will put the values in variables and output then on a HTML table.

The problem I have is that I get a 2 SimpleXMLElements because of the subtag BillingAddress.
How can I get the tags below the BillingAddress????