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Thread: why do all browser lag for this given loop?

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    Angry why do all browser lag for this given loop?

    var a,b;
    while (a!==b){
    if (a>b) {
    var a=a-b;
    else {
    var b=b-a;

    so you enter numbers for a and b, and while the condition is true it is doing the given calculations and finally the a and b will became the same and the condition for WHILE will be false and after that it gives out a number a or b (doesnt matter cus both are equal already), also it works for some numbers but browser lags for some specific numbers for example if a=60 and b=120, i dont understand why by the way the given function calculates the largest common divisor of two given numbers, please help me and tell why is it lagging

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    tested your version in ff, works fine. a slightly more improved version
    var a = 60,
    	b = 120;
    while(a !== b){
    	if(a > b){
    		a -= b; // same as "a = a - b"
    		b -= a;
    //alert(a +' '+ b);

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    oh thanks for the improvement I really like it much and for info too that it works for ff but in chrome it still lags i dont use ff

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