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Thread: Add/Remove users with PHP/MySQL?

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    Add/Remove users with PHP/MySQL?


    I'm new in the develop world, and would like to make with XAMPP (Localhost), and easy/simple little site.

    I would like in the PHP-site that I can Add/remove users, change password etc..
    Also when I add/make a new user, that It add Automaticly in PhyMyAdmin. So the User must can login in..
    En also the Admin with all permisions.

    I have only now a employee database, with the first/last name, email (that is the login), but how I make a php-site from this? Is there any tutorial? Or something what I can download and play with to learn?

    Many, many thanks!

    (Sorry for my terrible English).

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    @: Moderator, thanks for accepting my new topic.

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    i've read in the past problems with using pre-configured server distros. i'd recommend installing your server by hand, it is rather easy to do (and provides useful knowledge and experience). php can take a while to install/configure.
    if you are installing your server on a windows computer, i recommend using apache available from apache lounge

    i started learning php back in days of php 3.2 or so. php has grown and changed drastically since then. even from php 5.0 to present it has changed drastically. the php manual is a great tool for learning. hands-on testing, playing around with different ideas, or even writing simple scripts helps with learning. i've found that dissecting other people's scripts (most open source) help a lot (phpbb2 provided me with a wealth of knowledge, i re-wrote the template and dbms classes from it and still use it in scripts). php is a beast, but if you pet it, feed it a cookie or two, a bit of sanity, and some tears, and it'll play nice.

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