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Thread: Evaluate my Website Idea

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    Evaluate my Website Idea

    I ve been working on a website Idea (at its initial stage) and every time i am working on it, i have a feeling that is this concept ever worth it, or it will benefit users if yes on how much scale? I couldn't find an answer for this new arising questions.. And i couldn't get help from my friends either because of the global scope...

    I am not sure is if it is OK to post the idea in this forum, but if anyone here to mentor / guide / clarify me or a technical co founder maybe it would be too helpful... please contact me via bluerail [at] outlook [dot] com... Thanks,

    Also, apologies if it is not legitimate to post such questions here and mods can delete it.. I just want someone to shed some light for me......

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    Search the web for similar sites. You will almost certainly find that someone has thought of it already. Which is not necessarily a reason to give up, but would give you a bench mark to work from. You need to do it slicker, better.

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