Hi Guys.
I have a web site :http://www.merlinmounts.co.uk/custommounts.html

There are 3 radio buttons. cm mm inches.
Two input boxes mountw mounth

What I am trying to do is get a pop up box that lets the customer know he has
a. clicked cm and entered an amount larger than 70 in mountw and/or mounth
b. ditto for mm except amount is 700
c. ditto for inches except amount is 29.5

I have managed using javascript to get an error box if the box is empty or smaller than the windoww

so far I have got the following

if (frm.cm.checked && (parseFloat(frm.mountw.value) >"70" {mess.push('Mount is too wide for posting');}

This does not seem to work. Where am I going wrong please.