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Thread: Wordpress hierachy

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    Wordpress hierachy


    I'm a novice asking about php file size. I know the Wordpress hierachy looks like this: http://wphierarchy.com/

    My question is: Will my site run faster if I lump all my php into page.php (using conditional tags for eight different pages) resulting in one big 24kB page.php file. Or am I best sticking to the template method resulting in eight smaller (3kB) php files?

    Thanks for any help,

    Andrew (Novice)

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    Pre-broadband, the difference between a 28KB page and a 3KB one was noticeable, but both are minnows by today's standards. So the site overall might run marginally quicker if you amalgamate the 8 pages into one, but the initial load could be slower. Whether either effect would be noticeable with a small site is debatable. The only way to know for sure is to build a site both ways and compare them!

    More importantly, as you are a novice, I would suggest that the extra complexity of amalgamating the pages is simply not worth considering! Have you considered how you will test your code? Do you have a version strategy in place? Do you have an update process? Do you even have a backup???
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    Thanks for your reply - I'll compare the two solutions as you say and see which one is faster. I tend to eyeball test page load speed, like a novice. But I wondered if there are any great tools for checking page load speed? Sorry about my novice questions.

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