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Thread: [RESOLVED] Can't execute code from a freed script error

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Can't execute code from a freed script error


    In IE I'm launching a modal popup, creating an object within it and then passing it back to the parent that launched the modal popup. I do this by passing an baseobject to the modal popup as dialogarguments and then adding the object created to the baseobject. When I try to post this object to the server using AngularJS $http.post I get the "Can't execute code from a freed script" error. I tried cloning the object using jQuery.extend(true, {}, baseobject.newobj); but that does not help.

    Please suggest how this can be achieved.


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    I got a solution for this one. Its to serialize the json object to string within the modal popup and parse it back to json on the parent page.

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