Hi Everyone!

It's a long question, so please bear with me.

My task is to produce a website that is more or less a place where employees can make idea suggestions.

An employee will be able to add their idea using a form, and all the required fields will populate a database. If that idea relates to a certain manager's department i would like it to inform him/her (maybe by email?).

The manager will be able to view all the ideas and drill down to the ideas that affect their department. If an idea is good i would like that manager to be able to feedback the progress of their idea. How would i incorporate a status tracker? I would need usernames and passwords for each manager and i would like them to provide comments to employees that they can read in their own section.

The main thing is making sure that the manager is informed of the idea and the way in which they can update the progress of the idea.

I hope you can provide me with the best way of doing this. Would it be Mysql and php?

Thank you very much