I tried to follow this tutorial (http://www.kshabazz.net/build-php-on-windows.html) to build php source code on windows many times but when i do "nmake test" appears an error message: "PHP crashes when GC invoked on COM object"

I tried with different versions of php (5.5 and 5.6) and windows x86 and x64 but the errors are the same. I searched to find some information about the error and a open the file (/ext/com_dotnet/tests/bug49192.phpt) and then i saw the possibile solution for the problem, with an installer that fix the bug on windows 7. But the error still appear. That folder contains some bug files.

In the next step, when i do "nmake snap" shows a error message too and every times that i execute this command appears that the "msvcr110.dll" is missing so a fix that but the still not working.

Anyone know this problems?