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Thread: Looking to Pay a Developer

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    Looking to Pay a Developer

    Hello Everybody! I was wondering if there is a site where you can post project ideas and pay a developer to build it.....

    I've been working on a project for a while and I've come to a dead end. I've tried other forums for assistance; however, no help. I just opened my business--so I really don't have time to research and learn myself how to build it--even though I'd really like to.

    It's a simple database entry page. Input data and click button. Webgrid displaying all records. Second button to run a SQL insert statement to change record. I can't seem to get the second button to work. I have a lot of ideas that seem simple; yet just can't get them to work.

    I've been building this project in Webmatrix and I planed to upload it to my Yahoo website. BUT I'm about ready to quit--however, this would be REALLY beneficial to my business. If you know any sites for assistance--or to develop--I'd greatly appreciate a response!!!

    Thank you!

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    i think you want to develop a website same like freelancer.com or elance.com? Am i right?

    SEO Agency Dubai

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    The best thing you can do in order to find a developer to build you a website is to post a detailed description of the person you're looking on different site, which will give you better chances of finding the right person. Check out this list of sites where you can posts jobs. http://www.staff.com/blog/list-of-us-job-posting-sites/

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    I am a professional developer and coder. I can help you with that. Contact me at kashif@webcrest.net with project details. I will share my portfolio by email.

    Please mention this thread in email as reference.


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    Great guys! Thanks for the advise....I'll check out Freelancer and email you kashif

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    Hi There

    This is Nitu - Social Media Marketing Manager with GeeksPerHr.com - We can assist you with your website by providing you a dedicated web developer who will work with you directly. Plz check out my linkedin in.linkedin.com/pub/nitu-agrawal/51/b01/31b

    or check out our website: http://www.GeeksPerHr.com and purchase starter pack for just 99 cents per hr.


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    Hi there,

    When possible give me a call 1-800-219-1314 EXT 0
    or skype me: webdevelopmentgroup

    I'm more then willing to help out.

    WILL -

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