Hello Everybody! I was wondering if there is a site where you can post project ideas and pay a developer to build it.....

I've been working on a project for a while and I've come to a dead end. I've tried other forums for assistance; however, no help. I just opened my business--so I really don't have time to research and learn myself how to build it--even though I'd really like to.

It's a simple database entry page. Input data and click button. Webgrid displaying all records. Second button to run a SQL insert statement to change record. I can't seem to get the second button to work. I have a lot of ideas that seem simple; yet just can't get them to work.

I've been building this project in Webmatrix and I planed to upload it to my Yahoo website. BUT I'm about ready to quit--however, this would be REALLY beneficial to my business. If you know any sites for assistance--or to develop--I'd greatly appreciate a response!!!

Thank you!