Hi Guys

I have been tasked with producing a system that will allow dozens of our sites to access webpages via a Raspberry PI connected to a Plasma Screen to display sales data.
Each screen could display completely different data, and should have the capabilities to role through multiple pages on a loop.

I have already produced a single page as a demo. Just to show the type of content we can display.
This page is a static .net page that refreshes sections of the page using AJAX Panels.
The data is collected from a central database using a direct connection.

What I want to achieve is for all of the rasp pi's to be programmed exactly the same and all querying the same URL.
The page that receives to request will fetch to MAC Address of the Rasp Pi, match it against an MS SQL Table and return the page code for that Rasp Pi.

My first thoughts were to simply have multiple .net pages and the database just redirects the Rasp Pi to the appropriate page.
However I know it is also possible to store html in the Database. But I am not sure how this would work.
I am .net developer with some javascript experience and so using my existing skills I would need to store an aspx file in the database, but then how would that interact with the Web.Config.

I guess I am just after some general advice.

What Tech would you use?
How would store the code, DB or File?

Any advice would be very gratefully received.

Many Thanks