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Thread: Parked domains and SEO

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    Parked domains and SEO

    I have one hosting account with several, as some call them, parked domains. For example:


    Each sub-domain resolves to both it's own domain name, and to such variations as root-domain.com/sub-domain/ and sub-domain.root-domain.com

    What are the advantages/disadvantages to allowing search engines to index my sites as both sub-domains and separate domains?

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    There are approx. 45% domains are Parked. This data is calculated based on >>

    1. No. of domains using nameservers of Major Domain Parking Companies
    2. Domain names using default parking nameservers of registrars. A lot of domains using Top registrar's default nameservers are on parking ( though their objective is not clear, If they are for selling or future use )

    e.g. almost 110 MN .COM domains are registered, and few top parking companies used >>

    Sedo >> 1.25 MN
    Internet Traffic >> 1.2 MN
    CashParking >> 1 MN

    source > > Vny.in

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