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Thread: Looking for a multi select form to download 1+ zip files

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    Looking for a multi select form to download 1+ zip files

    prefer simply HTML, with CSS (can be html5), or even with Jquery or Ajax if necessary.

    Want to have a list of 10-20 file name options

    The ability to use a checkbox in front of each to select

    Click 1, 2, 3+ of the items (zip files)

    After selection, with one button/link, download the selection of files.

    (using html,js only, not PHP or ASPx)

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    Tried most (if not all of these, and cant get it to work

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    The only way to do this with HTML/JavaScript only is to open separate windows for each file as the Google search suggested by Kevin2 brings up. But "can't get it to work" doesn't explain the problem you're having or what code you've tried so far. There's nothing else to suggest until you give us more to go on.
    Rick Trethewey
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