I have an exertion how to write my idea in JavaScript,
Well if does anyone could help that will be really appreciated.
So my idea is:
I have plenty of water (vast), two cups one is 3 ounce and the other one is 5 ounce.
What I would like to do is fill up
only 4 ounce which is mean to fill up the 3 ounce cup 3 times one time is fill it up and empty it into 5 ounce cup then full up at the second time the 3 ounce cup and empty it again into the 5 ounce cup then I have remainder of 1 ounce in the 3 ounce cup then what I will do is empty the 5 ounce cup then transfer the 1 ounce that I have left in the 3 ounce cup into the 5 ounce cup
Avery time one of the cup are full I want to stop the water from fill it up so then I have no issue with the water.
It's might sound a little complicated but is really that simple.