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Thread: Adding Audio for purchase and Live Streaming - No Download

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    Lightbulb Adding Audio for purchase and Live Streaming - No Download

    Hi, I have a website that works with Yahoo Merchant Store. It is setup to purchase products for shipment. Or you can download E-books or files after purchasing.

    The new Item I am trying to implement is to allow a person to purchase an audio, but not allow them to download but allow live streaming.

    Does anyone know of a simple way to do this and provide some functionality for the user to pause, rewind, fastforward, start at the beginning again.

    Also want to prevent any download capability.

    Thank you.


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    Have you tried Yahoo Merchant support?

    P.S. I'd have thought that any audio you can stream, you can record?
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    Hi, I looked for something similar and found Secure TS Player. It seems to do a good job of preventing one from downloading content.

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    Is it possible to add it?

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