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Thread: Thread: Suggest tools | Quality Image Compression but no quality reduced

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    Question Thread: Suggest tools | Quality Image Compression but no quality reduced

    Recently I started blogging and found out that image posting is tougher than writing something.
    Most images I make some how are bit much heavy in size. When I try to compress them I lose the quality. Also I want the images to be picked up by the social medias. For example I am using twitter large image summary; so images should have a reasonable width a height.

    Please suggest me some tools/softwares that will solve this problem. That will compress pictures in in the highest quality and lowest possible size. I would like a great image compressor; if it can not create image it's all right.

    excuse my English; still not sharp enough. thanks in advance to all reading this.

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    What you are asking for is not possible. You cannot reduce file sizes without loss of information hence quality. What you can do is optimize the trade-off between file size and quality. That takes practice and comes with experience. One technique that I find useful is to produce copies of an image at different compression levels and do A:B comparisons of them magnified 2x. When the loss of detail is just barely perceptible, you probably have the optimal compression. Oh, and the simplest way to reduce the file size with minimal loss of perceived quality is to make the image smaller.
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