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Thread: Is it possible to....MySQL PHP Localhost

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    Is it possible to....MySQL PHP Localhost

    Hello all....

    Is it possible to turn a computer into a webserver, install MySQL, create a PHP webpage and run it all local? I'd like to create a small application that does not need to be accessed by the outside world and have all data hosted on my computer. I'd like to be able to access this webpage from a wireless device (iPad) that is on the same network.... can it be done? I don't want to buy a domain or anything like that....

    I thought I'd ask before I get to deep into the project....any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

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    Try this way if it is ok for you: Register free domain at dot.tk and open free hosting account at hostinger.in. Once inside hostinger cpanel, select your: Hosting > Domain > Manage, then go to bottom of the page at: Other > Password Protect Directories, and select public_html from left and make it password protected with username and password.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hey Boomer, Im just a noob but the answer is YES and I DONT KNOW?

    Yes = you can build server side websites on your PC.. Use XAMPP a small program that sets up a small folder structure, then tricks your computer into thinking its online content.


    Its what many use to test sites before uploading...

    I DONT KNOW? = Connecting it to your phone?... Can your phone software do that?... If it can.. your phone will then ask give me the website... Computers going to turn around and say "What the hell you talking about, I don't have it the sites online" remember you tricked it!...

    Just a noobs thoughts at random and on the fly..... Luck

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