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Thread: First time working on an ecommerce

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    First time working on an ecommerce


    I've been a web designer / developer for quite a few years, never had formal education, and never got paid for it yet. I only do it for fun and passion.

    I have a lots of knowledge about html and php and I have made quite a number of websites too. However, I've never made an ecommerce yet and I need some help.

    A friend of mine is looking to make an online shop for bridal gowns and Im trying to help. I tried to use magento, but I think it's way too redundant...

    Anyway, I need some help on how to start...

    First off, am I better off building my own website with a simple shopping cart or is it easier to just get some free ecommerce platform?

    if( 'i should' == 'get some free ecommerce platform' ) {
    echo 'what would you recommend?';

    also, about payment gateways, how do they work? Is there free gateways?

    I hope I make sense.


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    I haven't made an e-commerce site, however, I've learned and done bits and pieces. For payment gateways, you could write your own but if I were you, I'd avoid that headache and use a library, such as Stripe or even PayPal's API.

    As for building your own shopping cart, it's certainly do-able, it's just a matter of whether you have enough time to build and customize it the way your friend wants it. If you have enough time, I'd take it as an opportunity to build it just to see if I could and how it turns out, otherwise, there probably are many free platforms, however, I haven't taken the time to look into them.

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    but i think I'd have to rely on CMS because it seems that there would be a lot of products.

    Is there any Simple ecommerce CMS out there? without all the complications of modules and stuff? Im trying to make something like http://kershaw.kaiusaltd.com/. Simple and plain.

    I could make my shopping carts and gateways too, no doubt about that, but I don't feel confident about security.

    What do you guys recommend for an easy to design e-commerce platform?

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