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Thread: how to remove bad or spam website's backlinks ?

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    Arrow how to remove bad or spam website's backlinks ?

    how to remove bad or spam website's backlinks ?

    my website is dropped from Google's Penguin update ... suddenly i lost my keywords ranking and visitors ...so i want to remove my website backlinks how to remove backlinks is there any tool available ?

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    You can use Google Disavow tool in Google Webmasters. This tool does not remove the spammy backlinks but ignores them and does not index them further.
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    Remove unnatural links pointing to your website

    You need to contact each webmasters regarding your link removal. Send individual letters to the site owners and request them to remove their links. Certainly, it would be an tedious task and some of them will demand money to remove your links from their site but you have to do this. Send a reminder after a few days to those who have not replied to your email.

    Once you are sure that you have removed all the links that you can then create a disavow list and submit it to Google. Note that Google take some time to review list and therefor it will take time to show any effect on your website. If your website has acquired a penalty then submit a reconsideration request to Google.

    Read the article about the way to remove unnatural links

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    Google disavow tool is the best option for you.Collect all your low quality backlinks,save in a text file and upload it in your web master tools account.

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