Has anyone used video to increase their SEO performance? I use video for SEO so that I can get the content I need onto Google search results pages. Id like to pick your brains though. If youre marketing a product or a service whats better? To host your video on YouTube or to host it on a player on your site? With YouTube you get the benefits of it being searchable on their platform. Also people are comfortable with using it and its easily shareable. But having your video hosted on your own site has its own benefits, primarily driving traffic to your site. This is genuinely good for SEO as it increases the CTR for the results page.

So both have benefits. Most people find services and products through video on social media and YouTube, but again, if you can drive traffic from the results page to your website youve got them in a place where you can convert them into customers. Itd be great to hear from some people whove compared both against each other. Does anyone have a favourite out there?