My knowledge of PHP goes as far as P comes after O and H comes after G. Basically I have no education in computer language. Nevertheless, I have built my own websites in the past using WebPlus X2 program and copied and pasted few codes here and there.

Now I have hired someone to build my site and aesthetically it is quite lacking compared to my old site but has functionalities which I will never be able to do on my own.
And I discovered that it was built on Smarty framework. Whatever that means.

The question I have is this. I want to be able to do simple changes to the site like changing background image or adding a menu item to the menu bar with a link to another window (which I think can be linked to HTML file I create?). And I have no idea how to go about it.

Is there a program that will let me load this site and give me options to change designs or add features to it like the "WebPlus" program I've been using to develop HTML sites? Or should I just hire someone to manage this site? Anyone interested in free-lance work?

Thanks. Any feedback would be appreciated.