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Thread: New to Web developing and wondering how Bootstrap is looked upon?

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    Question New to Web developing and wondering how Bootstrap is looked upon?

    Hello all,

    I have been studying and practicing coding with just Aptana, sublime then after seeing several youtube videos about bootstrap. How do people in the field already fell about those who use bootstrap to style their website. I have seen sites that look just like bootstrap but they are not linked to a bootstrap code but they could have copied and paste the code they need to leave any hint of bootstrap out. I am trying to build a good portfolio and don't want to be laughed out of the room for using bootstrap if it's not a respected thing to use for a developer.


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    Bootstrap is kinda like a framework for CSS. From what I have seen in bootstrap is pretty much standardized work-a-rounds that have been used for years for cross-browser compatibility. I've started using normalize.css which has some similarities with bootstrap, minus the predefined classes for doing grids and such.

    As for the ethical use of frameworks. In my honest opinion, if you can utilize the bulk of the framework. Then by all means use one. Another thing to consider is if you are developing templates, scripts, apps, etc. that are incorporated into projects by other developers. In this case they may be using a framework for their project. It then may be beneficial to use a given framework where one may not be needed and/or necessary.

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