I made a simple page with html and Jquery Mobile. There I have 2 flipswitches (on / off). If I browse to the webpage with my computer and click on flipswitch 1, the flipswitch goes to "On".

If I now browse with my mobile phone to the same webpage, the flipswitch is still on "Off". How can I view the same state of the flipswitch on different devices.

This is an important detail for me because those switches are "connected" with my shutters. I will change the "On / Off" text to "Shutters Up / Shutters Down".

For example: My wife clicks on the Shutters up button (the shutters goes up ... :-) ), but if I go to the webpage with my mobile phone after x minutes, I will see the button on state "Shutter Down" while the shutters are actually up.

Any suggestions or hints?
Thanks !