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Thread: I'm having trouble with moving my menu and other things.

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    I'm having trouble with moving my menu and other things.

    I have tried to move my menu border on my website using padding-width:, margin-width:, border-width etc.

    But can't seem to move it so that it is a menu across the top of the website, I want the menu to span across the whole page and I want this CSS file implemented throughout the whole website but I can't figure out how to do that. I also want to colour the menu haven't done that yet.

    I've looked at CSS tutorials before, I can remember some parts but when applying this stuff I'm confused. I've tried to re-align the menu but it's only moving a bit, it's not moving exactly where I want it to go, I want it along the top of the page, to span out the whole page left to right. It's moving slightly but doesn't move to exactly where I want it.

    I also want to use an image for my background instead of just a colour, I was wondering how I would do that.

    I kind of feel as if I'm clueless about this even though I've been through CSS tutorials before, what is with? I've learnt this before but when applying it, it's always awkward.

    My website: http://www.codexx.co.uk/

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    This is the problem with developing sites with a CMS:- So long as it does what you want, it saves you a heap of work. But it can be a nightmare if you want it to do something different! I tried commenting out likely code, but it just made a mess. Perhaps someone more familiar with Wordpress will be able to help?

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