Greetings so hear is my delema have a page that uses following

<?php echo number_format($data['value']*0.0321507466*5*0.35, 2);?> where $data['value'] = 19.54 and outputs the result as 1.10 which is correct.

how ever if i change it to say

<?php echo number_format($data2['value']*0.0321507466*1.672*0.9, 2);?> and $data2['value'] = 1,291.30 the output is displaying 0.05 when it should be reading 62.47

not sure why this is happening anyone have a idea as to why this would be? should the $data2['value'] = 1,291.30 not have a ' , ' in it and if so any clue how to get rid of it?