I used a Jquery Mobile Flipswitch on my webpage, but I want to change the default "On" "Off" text in it. I searched on the Jquery Mobile Demo paged and found this code:

    <label for="flip-checkbox-2">Flip toggle switch checkbox:</label>
    <input type="checkbox" data-role="flipswitch" name="flip-checkbox-2" id="flip-checkbox-2" data-on-text="Light" data-off-text="Dark" data-wrapper-class="custom-label-flipswitch">
This works perfect, but they also say that I need to add an extra CSS style for it:

/* Custom indentations are needed because the length of custom labels differs from
   the length of the standard labels */
.custom-label-flipswitch.ui-flipswitch .ui-btn.ui-flipswitch-on {
    text-indent: -3.4em;
.custom-label-flipswitch.ui-flipswitch .ui-flipswitch-off {
    text-indent: 0.5em;
My question is: where do I have to write that extra CSS code into? I use the CDN Jquery file, so it's not possible to add it there...