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Thread: How to Make an Article Informative and High Quality?

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    How to Make an Article Informative and High Quality?

    Informative and high quality will play the vital role in 2014 for SEO. I read this news from a blog. However how can I write and informative and high quality article? Suggest me some tips from your own experience.
    Thank you

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    I would suggest:

    1. Learn to write in a clear, concise, down-to-earth style that neither talks down to people, nor goes over their heads.

    2. Know your stuff. I.e. Write about something you have a good knowledge of, but can express in simple terms.

    3. Write about something you are enthusiastic about. Enthusiasm is contagious.

    4 Think of a different angle that is novel and, hopefully, will spark an interest and attention of the reader.

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