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Thread: Most effective way to add comments to YouTube

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    Most effective way to add comments to YouTube

    I am working on advertising my websites, and I've been working on adding comments to YouTube. The site has been connected to G+ for some time, and I am wondering what is the best way to add as many comments and possible, in order for them to show up etc.

    So far, I added comments to about 1000 videos, and only 32 of them showed up. I was going to add 100 comments a day, with 4 different G+ accounts. I am not sure if this is going to work any better. Do you have any idea how this works, and how to add comments, in order for them to show up on their site?

    Thank you.

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    I'm a little weary of what it sounds like you're doing. Care to elaborate a bit first because it sounds like you're asking for help with something that violates Youtube's policies.
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    Just make comment with reference. Don't input any link on comment otherwise your comment will be deleted by YouTube.

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