Hi, I considered posting this in the "General" subforum, but it's mainly an advice question over a straight technical problem, so I decided I'd try posting it here.

I have a website I coded from scratch - mostly in HTML/CSS, with some small parts of Javascript and PHP for some curiosities and stitching things together. What's there is a pretty good indication of my skill level in each language really (not huge). It functions as a portfolio/project site that I just tinker with.

Right now I'm looking into broadening my experience, and I'm looking for something more graceful for my front-page 'news' posts. Right now they're just posted in straight HTML. This doesn't seem easily future maintainable, so my question is what would you recommend to making them more 'dynamic'? I've been trying to get my hands on databases, but I'm not sure if that would be the solution to my problem. Keep in mind it's a 'do-it-yourself' sort of thing, so I want to make something myself rather than some sort of Content Management System.

My website follows: